Monday, June 7, 2010

Keep your locks

Chic Dream Pillow Cases

I'm a fan of beautiful cared for hair. I have long hair, well use to but I'm growing it now. My hair is my looks to me then my face. Yes beauty is comes from with-in.... but I have Chic dreams pillow cases for enhance your beauty.
2 queens size pillow cases
1 travel size pillow case
When you sleep and when you travel you should always protect you hair...

Sleep on a satin/silk pillow case and you will 'keep your locks'
1. It won't strip about your hairs natural moisture so it will prevent hair loss.
2. No lines on your face. Your face will thank you in the a.m.
3. Great for acne prone skin, won't irritate your face and lock in the natural moisture.

Great for all hair & skin types to keep you beautiful while you have chic dreams.
Fabric: finest quality satin with a silk finish.
Color: Ivory so it can match all of your sheet set with a clean looks.
xoxo.... only because I love you for sales questions

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