Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fashion ear plugs for the Chic

Ear plugs for the chic by Chic Samira is going to be the next trendy thing you will see your favorite celeb's wearing.... To your favorite magazine and blogs writing new trend review.
They're stylish while you can rest in peace.

-Great for sleeping because if you live in a noisy neighborhood or construction being done around your home it's perfect to reduce noise, so you can rest.
-If you suffer from migraines and can't hear noise, Chic Samira ear impressions are for you. Block the noise that can trigger or irritate it.
-For the chic traveler, it will help with discomfort of cabin pressure and a noisy flights.
-Artist, engineers... it's can also assist with reducing noise while working in the studio. You must go to the studio in style.
-Perfect gift for the it girl, or a honeymoon gift....

How to use disposable fashion ear plugs:
Insert the ear plug and hold for a few seconds. This allows the ear plug to expand and fill the ear canal. When properly inserted, the ambient sound level should drop way down as the earplugs expand. You'll feel like the "world's closing in on you" as some have mentioned.
Always remove ear plugs slowly, twisting them to break the seal. If you remove them too quickly, you could damage your ear drum! Foam ear plugs are disposable and are not supposed to be re-used, but I usually can wear the same pair anywhere from 2-5 times. Wipe clean after every use.

Now get ready for paparazzi to catch with your ear impressions while they make a chic fashion statement.

Names from top to bottom (pictured)
*Pink emerald queen
*For LaPearl lover
*Pink Kat
*Miss Rosa
*Chic doll
*Breakfast at Tiff's
yes they have names

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