Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm looking for feedback on Chic Samira disposable pink silky soft ear plugs. Leave a comment ex: Would you use them and how often?

The person who leaves the 50th message will receive this pair ear plugs FREE! FREE EAR PLUGS & FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US.

They are my top sellers since I have started and they are call Chic Doll, it's the pink ear plugs with a black fashion stone.

To know more about them read the June 8th post below.

Thank you for your love and support!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My make-up porfolio

I had the honor to work with Dlux boutique in New Jersey months ago for her Grand Opening look book but I never got a chance to get around and post the pictures. I had great time & learn a lot that day. The models were beautiful inside & out so it was so easy to work with them. The stylist owner Dorian Grace and stylist/ wardrobe, accessories designer Egoistical ( Nicole) with celebrity photographer DJ DNice made the experience with all epic.
Here are a few pics for you to view. I've been playing back & fourth Make-Up artist for years, 14 years with my start at Estee Lauder. That was the start of me freelancing for several cosmetic lines (Toni &Tina, Anna Sui, Trish Mc Evoy, MAC,Bilkerdijk,& IMX) I continued my passion at MUD (Make-UP Designory in Burbank Cal.)To received a diploma in Journeyman Make-Up with including beauty,fashion and character make-up. It's a hobby I will always love and dibble and dabble with. On the pro side I have experience in commerical specs, fashion, music video & short films. On the fun side while working in retail I got tons of side gigs for special occasions. Weddings are the best to be a part of. You get the glam up a bride om her special day. I say this all to say I love beauty! Enhancing beauty will always make the muse and artist smile.

With my knowledge and love for cosmetics I have designed Chic Samira cosmetics. Stay tune for for Chic Samira cosmetics at

I have reasonable prices and can travel in the NY metropolitan area for make-up studio services. Specialize in special occasions make-up looks, beauty &fashion looks, and can work in film or print. Air brush machine on deck.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Botanical skin care ONLY for the Chic

Spa style botanical skin care for the chic. Yes the packaging is suited to place on your vanity or your favorite place to store your daily beauty supplies.

Skin care is key to your natural beauty success. It starts with your face and how you care for it which is important to maintain a clear youthful appearance. Botanical products are all natural, thepackaging is edgy & chic, what Chic Samira gives. She must do everything in style even her skin care line.

Cleanse is a gentle mild foaming cleanser derived from coconut and sugar beets. Contains chamomile,aloe, cucumber and Japanese green tea to tighten, soothe and deliver antioxidants.
*Can be used to remove make-up. For deep cleansing, mix equal amounts of botanical cleansing lotion and exfoliating facial polish.
*For all skin types

A gentle face polish with ingredients derived from sugar, for a mild and deep skin cleanse. Apricot oils smooth and clean without drying the skin. Natural extracts aloe vera, lemon, apple, sugar cane, green tea and seaweed protect and restore the skin's natural moisture level.
*Why have dull skin? We have Chic Samira exfoliating scrub to keep you glowing and youthful.
Use 2-3 a week and a little goes a long way

Botanical toner containing aloe vera, chamomile and Japanese green tea to rejuvenate the skin and cumber extract to help tighten pores. Botanical extracts and marine minerals helps promote shin firmness.
*Use on cleanse skin or to remove make-up and dirt to refreshes face during the day.
I call it the snap back because that's what your face will feel like after using it. Stay forever young

A daily hydrating cream containing the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid. Eases fine lines and smooths skin surface with a slight "pumping" action. This velvety formula also contains a natural blend of 5 oils and exotic mango and shea butter.
*Silky smooth skin and a face that would look like it was touch by a glam squad.
Use daily

It's a line once you try it you will become a fan. Made with pride & love.
You will have chic skin once you use all products daily in two weeks.
xoxo to your skin

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paparazzi watch

I told you the Paps will be watching Chic Samira, I hear the streets talking already.

Chic Samira from cosmetics to your luxury needs for the chic chick

follow me on twitter @chicsamira for the lastest it girl news, beauty tips, beauty links,and chic samira picks.
She knows beauty and luxury needs.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fashion ear plugs for the Chic

Ear plugs for the chic by Chic Samira is going to be the next trendy thing you will see your favorite celeb's wearing.... To your favorite magazine and blogs writing new trend review.
They're stylish while you can rest in peace.

-Great for sleeping because if you live in a noisy neighborhood or construction being done around your home it's perfect to reduce noise, so you can rest.
-If you suffer from migraines and can't hear noise, Chic Samira ear impressions are for you. Block the noise that can trigger or irritate it.
-For the chic traveler, it will help with discomfort of cabin pressure and a noisy flights.
-Artist, engineers... it's can also assist with reducing noise while working in the studio. You must go to the studio in style.
-Perfect gift for the it girl, or a honeymoon gift....

How to use disposable fashion ear plugs:
Insert the ear plug and hold for a few seconds. This allows the ear plug to expand and fill the ear canal. When properly inserted, the ambient sound level should drop way down as the earplugs expand. You'll feel like the "world's closing in on you" as some have mentioned.
Always remove ear plugs slowly, twisting them to break the seal. If you remove them too quickly, you could damage your ear drum! Foam ear plugs are disposable and are not supposed to be re-used, but I usually can wear the same pair anywhere from 2-5 times. Wipe clean after every use.

Now get ready for paparazzi to catch with your ear impressions while they make a chic fashion statement.

Names from top to bottom (pictured)
*Pink emerald queen
*For LaPearl lover
*Pink Kat
*Miss Rosa
*Chic doll
*Breakfast at Tiff's
yes they have names

Monday, June 7, 2010

Keep your locks

Chic Dream Pillow Cases

I'm a fan of beautiful cared for hair. I have long hair, well use to but I'm growing it now. My hair is my looks to me then my face. Yes beauty is comes from with-in.... but I have Chic dreams pillow cases for enhance your beauty.
2 queens size pillow cases
1 travel size pillow case
When you sleep and when you travel you should always protect you hair...

Sleep on a satin/silk pillow case and you will 'keep your locks'
1. It won't strip about your hairs natural moisture so it will prevent hair loss.
2. No lines on your face. Your face will thank you in the a.m.
3. Great for acne prone skin, won't irritate your face and lock in the natural moisture.

Great for all hair & skin types to keep you beautiful while you have chic dreams.
Fabric: finest quality satin with a silk finish.
Color: Ivory so it can match all of your sheet set with a clean looks.
xoxo.... only because I love you for sales questions