Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are you a fan of Jegging? If not join the fan club right here

I've always loved leggings and since they came back in style I have put a side those expensive jeans and have been wearing leggings... but when jeans made like leggings aka Jeggings came out, I've been totally addicted and I don't know If I can go back to jeans.
The fit & comfort of the combination is like no other. Stop by H&M they are under $20
and go a size smaller because they stretch out. If you love, then take it further with higher end designers. I also love Zara's fit and they are only $39 there.
I say try them & make it your new best friend. Get them in all colors.
And the best part of it ,you don't have to be a skinny *itch to rock them. Wear them with anything and anywhere. You and wear them to work with a blouse,blazer, and pumps, then take that look to dinner or a date. Wear with uggs, flats or sandals depending where you live with your favorite top. They're so versatile you and use them with your fave pieces.
Become a fan today and I will update you on new styles and best buys. Leave a comment so we can discuss further. I love discussions on new trends, You can learn something new & I would like to as well

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