Saturday, September 19, 2009

America's favorite Stylist/ Artist Kanye's, Work of Art

I read the October issue of ELLE page 140 I quote "Is it any wonder that he has seamlessly taken on the job of stylist for ELLE's Personal Style Issue? For "Naughty by Nature" page 358, West dressed his girlfriend, model Amber Rose,......." Didn't I tell him the other day to put her in something other than spandex. And he did. Thanks Kanye. I see you work fast. With all respect you ARE a fierce Kitty and I love it. xoxo He reminds me of an ex- who loved to dress me and he's got style like Kanye. Some men just got an eye. And much respect do to Amber for coming from Dancer to video model to work a spread in ELLE. Industry embrace this *itch cause she deserves it.

P.S. And her cheeks look right too. Work Kitty Work!

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