Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ask your Dr. to prescribe Latisse ASAP

A lash-growth serum

The Product: Latisse, the first prescription treatment to grow eyelashes
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The Promise: Longer, thicker, darker upper lashes after four months

The Experts says: "Latisse works amazing well- I wouldn't be surprise if it outsells Botox

I say: Who can get me a prescribition. I believe, I believe and need.

Quote from In Style magazine " By week 3, out lashes were so long, they almost touched our brows. Everyone asked if we were wearing falsies".

Fake natural beauty always with healthy lushes lashes. Condition, treat w/ serum and use mascara and you will look like a natural beauty. Enchance the look you got. Don't be caught dead without killer lashes.

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